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Arsenjev Sergey Lavrentjevich

Real Fluid Motion Physics

U N I T E D   P H Y S I C S


                                                                     MEMORANDUM 2000

real fluid motion physics(Arsenjev Sergey Lavrentjevich)The “VeriGas” computer program, created in June 2000, is the first physically adequate and mathematically strict solution of problem on the viscous compressible fluid motion in the flow system with the taking into account of a friction and heat transfer. The program is reproducing the gas stream dynamics in the flow systems and elements: pipe, pipeline, nozzle, mouthpiece, as well as of jet, outflowing out of it’s at sub- and supersonic velocities.
This is the first and the key achievement on the way of practical application of the developed General Physical Conception theses, that allows constructing the physically adequate mathematical model of the states and processes in real gas and liquid mediums and deformable body from the unified positions, constituting the basis of a new stage of the physics development in contrast to basis of the analogous purpose of the well-known software products.
Side by side with traditional physics, containing the items of information on the Nature separate laws and specific theories and here called by the Physics-I, the fundamentals of the physics, allowing describing the phenomena of dynamics in the Nature and engineering by means of conjugation of the separate laws into such integral information structure, which is rightly and precisely reproducing theoretically the state and motion parameters of the contact-interacting real mediums and bodies are created: this is the Physics-II. So:
- the Physics-I is the primary science, detecting and accumulating the Nature separate laws and conceiving the separate specific theories;
- the Physics-II is the second science, conceiving the modern working conception of the Nature structure as an integral dynamic system, possessing the generality to the diversity of separate phenomena, laws.
Such approach quite corresponds to the Aristotle and Newton guidelines: at first to gather the facts, and then to search for causes of the general. The detection and accumulation of the Nature separate laws is going on and will be going on practically endlessly. However a presence of this process and its results, by itself, ensures only the necessary but not sufficient condition for creation of the physically adequate model of phenomenon, process. The traditional attempts of description of the real gas, liquid and deformable body state and motion by means of formal unification of the separate physical laws with the help of mathematics are found so unsuccessful during the last 250 years just because of non¬compliance with the second condition.
As to possibility of creation of the dynamics mathematical model of real phenomenon or process, it is possible only on a base of creation of its developed General Physical Conception. Just the conception allows determining the necessary volume of the separate physical laws in their mathematical expression and shows the way of their conjugation into such an integral information structure, which has generality to multitude real variations of phenomena and processes and at the same time ensures the true and exact estimations of the state and motion parameters of material mediums and bodies in every specific case. Such information structure is the only one and it is applied with the help of the Physical Ensemble method. 
The harmonious composing of Physics-I and Physics-II with the help of the Physical Ensemble method is the only way to be out of the protracted crisis state in the scientific-engineering field. Just such United Physics is the full value knowledge and at the same time the technological instrument allowing to avoid traditional mathematical scholasticism, on the one hand, and to exclude the industrial experiment or to decrease essentially its scales, on the other hand, already today. The development of the United Physics and software on its basis will determine the way and scale of modern progress.

The adduced here articles are example of the new approach to solution of problems, bound with the real – viscous and compressible -- fluid in its internal and external flows, as well as bound with deforming and fracturing of solid body. These articles are the revised and supplemented edition, published partially in ArXiv in 2003 – 2008. To be continued.