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S.L. Arsenjev, Y.P. Sirik

Physical-Technical Group

Dobroljubova Street 2, 29, Pavlograd, D n jepropetrovsk region, 51400 Ukraine

The development of the classical physics fundamentals with usage of experience of the experimental and computational-analytical investigations has allowed creating the valid conception of a fluid motion. The multidisciplinary approach based on a new theory has allowed to construct physical adequate mathematical model of the gas flow taking into account essential nonlinearity of change of the gas stream main parameters and the metering characteristics of such flow elements as pipe, pipeline, convergent nozzle and, what is more, with allowance for the evolutional character of the gas flow structure in front of setting, in the flow element itself and in the jet flowing out of it. The example of the valid solution of the direct and inverse problems about a gas flow through the flow element is given here for the first time. The results of solution in amount, kind and 
precision of the obtained information are an example of the satisfactory solution of the gas dynamics problem.

PACS: 05.65.+b; 07.05.Tp; 47.10.+g; 47.27.Wg; 47.40.-x; 47.32.Ff; 47.40.Dc; 47.40.Hg; 47.40.Ki; 47.60.+i

Gas dynamics first problem solution the gas

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