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S.L. Arsenjev

Physical-Technical Group

Dobroljubova Street, 2, 29, Pavlograd Town, Dnjepropetrovsk region, 51400 Ukraine

The solution of problem on distribution of static pressure in the real gas stream along the pipe flow element is for the first time achieved. The solution is obtained on a basis of consideration of contact interaction of the real fluid - gas and liquid - stream with the pipe wall. Physically adequate and mathematically correct expressions for the static pressure distribution are obtained by means of use of three fundamental laws in fluid dynamics: Torricelli formula, Bernoulli equation and Weissbach-Darcy formula. General solution is obtained for the gas stream.

Special case of the obtained general solution is derived for the liquid stream.

PACS: 01.40.Fk; 01.55.+b; 01.65.+g; 01.70.+w; 05.65.+b; 07.20.Pe; 47.60.+I; 47.85.-g


internal diameter of the flow element; gravity acceleration; general height of free fall; height of running point at free fall; general metric length of the flow element; general caliber length of the flow element, L/D; metric length of stream from the outlet section of the flow element up to running point; pressure at inlet and at outlet of the flow element respectively; static pressure along the fluid stream; a stream velocity, determined by weight flow; weight density of fluid; coefficient of local hydraulic resistance for inlet into the flow element; coefficient of local hydraulic resistance for outlet from the flow element; coefficient of local hydraulic resistance within the limits of the flow element; hydraulic friction – Darcy -- coefficient.
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