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S.L. Arsenjev

Physical-Technical Group

Dobroljubova Street 2, 29, Pavlograd, Dnepropetrovsk region, 51400 Ukraine

The clearing up of a wave nature of the energy and mass transfer phenomena in classical expressions of molecular-kinetic theory has allowed to find a quantitative measure of intensity of processes bound with thermal conductivity, viscosity and diffusion of fluid in conditions of a thermal non-equilibrium and heterogeneous composition continuum. It is shown that a temperature difference in fluid stipulates the appearance of the continuum stratification and formation of the fluid "bodies" interacting among themselves. It is also shown that the known expressions for a thermal conductivity, viscosity, diffusion and heat convection had been obtained for conditions a thermal equilibrium and homogeneity of the continuum and ones allow taking only maximum quantity of intensity of the transfer processes. The introduced expression is usable for a quantitative estimation of intensity of the transfer processes in fluid and its streams in conditions of the non-stationary heat exchange in natural conditions and technical problems. 

PACS: 01.55.+b; 05.20.-y; 07.20.Hy; 07.20.Mc; 07.20.Pe; 44.10.+I; 44.15.+a; 44.20.+b; 44.25.+f; 44.27.+g; 47.27.Te; 47.27.Wg; 47.85.-g; 51.10.+y; 51.20.+d; 51.30.+i; 51.35.+a; 51.40.+p; 51.70.+f; 92.10.Lq; 92.10.Ty; 92.10.Vz; 92.60.Ek

The boundary and continual transfer phenomena in fluids and flows

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