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Real Fluid Motion Physics

  • Part 1: The conics in axisymmetric solids and constructions under simple loads
    It is offered the results of graphic-analytic solution of problems on change of a form in cylindrical, prismatic and flat bar from elastic-plastic material immediately before its fracture under tensioning, compressing and twisting. It is adduced examples of rational constructions for the high pressure vessel and others........ more info
  • Part 2: Kinematics of real fluid motion with transitional jets in pipe, orifice
    It is produced a solution of problems on kinematics of a real fluid motion in pipes with smooth and abrupt change in its cross-section including transitional converging and diverging jets and jet outflowing out of pipe, orifice. The solution in kind of synthesis of the flow field trajectories and the motive power field trajectories is obtained by means of graphic-analytic method in combination with plane curves and surfaces of rotation, formed by its, from set of conic sections, as instruments........more info
  • Part 3: On mechanism of buckling of long bars and laminar motion stability of real fluid in tube
    Structural analysis of strained and stressed state in axisymmetric solid body, elaborated by the author in his previous articles, allowed to elucidate mechanism of buckling of long rods under longitudinal compression and now, with due regard for specificity of a liquid motion in tube, to produce mechanism of transition of laminar flow into a turbulent. Thereby the author corroborates a correctness of the transition established by him in one of his previous article under “Euler – Poiseuille criterion” name........more info
  • Part 4: The conic sections in engineering and the Nature’s phenomena
    It is adduced series of examples, illustrated the form building properties of a circumference evolvent in some engineering fields, including the flow elements and systems with real compressible fluid and incompressible air-water foamaerosol mixture, a solid stressed state and also in some natural phenomena, including meteorology, biology, … elements of architecture, wind instruments........more info
  • Part 5: The conics in gas flow near axisymmetric body
    It is offered series of examples for profiling of sharp-nosed axisymmetric body by means of evolvent of circumference. It is given physically adequate explanation of plane shock wave in front of a blunt body at M = 1 in atmosphere........more info